Welcome to the Kristin Damon Project.

The Kristin Damon Project is about the legacy of Kristin and her journey through cancer and her efforts to eradicate it through her writing.


On Kristin's 45th birthday, March 16th, 2017,  we saw it only fitting to release the first book in Kristin's second series, The Foreseers. This book is a part of the fight to eradicate cancer and the legacy of Kristin and is being sold for $2.99 on Amazon . 40% of all book sales will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Kristin's name. 10% will be donated to a special project

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A Little About Kristin.

Kristin Damon would describe herself as a “mother, wifer, author, crafter, baker, designer, zombie slayer, cancer warrior.” Not only was she known her her amazing accomplishments in her life but she was beloved by those she touched with her warm and lovable nature.  When Kristin wasn’t with her family, she was writing. "Aside from my family, writing is my life. It is my favorite pastime, my passion, my calling. I love the escapist qualities of writing, of how it keeps me mentally resilient yet insanely distracted at the same time. I love to live in the alternative worlds I feel when a story comes to fruition. Writing is not for everyone, but it's the only life for me." -Kristin

Among her love of her family and writing, Kristin loved Disneyland. Anything Disney was the life for Kristin. As her favorite place to travel—even when going through cancer treatment—Kristin would take advantage of any opportunity to visit the happiest place on earth with her favorite people.

In November of 2013, Kristin was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Stage 4 Metastatic Colon cancer). At the time of her diagnosis Kristin was a happy, healthy and lively 41 year old. For a time Kristin endured non-stop, aggressive chemotherapy to kill the cancer that was killing her. She started the Folfox6 treatment in December of 2013 and was able to complete all 12 rounds of the aggressive chemo. A PET SCAN showed that her active cancer was gone. After her first round of intensive chemo, she had beaten her cancer and was cancer free!


During her time of remission Kristin went on many adventures with her family. A wedding made it possible for Kristin and her family to venture to the big island in Hawaii. Kristin loved the beautiful island  and city of Kona and couldn’t wait to plan her next venture to her new favorite tropical location.


Following her 7 week remission, she started maintenance chemotherapy. Kristin battled the harsh side effects of the chemo for a year. With new pains appearing in her right shoulder and a PET scan in June of 2015 the families fears were confirmed, Kristin’s cancer had come back. Cancer had now covered her right lung, liver, and lymph nodes. Kristin and her oncology team wasted no time beginning her new intense round of chemotherapy, Folfiri. This round of chemotherapy brought unbearable pain and sickness to Kristin, much more than the Folfox from before.

After years of a courageous battle with colon cancer, the disease inside of Kristin started to shut her body down. After many painful weeks the cancer Kristin had been plagued with for 2.5 years, took her life. On February 10th, 2016 at the age of 43 Kristin passed away surrounded by heartbroken loved ones that would always feel the void of the warm, witty and wonderful Kristin. A funeral service was provided for Kristin and her family members on the 16th, where her loved ones were able to pay their respects to their beloved “Dritty”.

How you can support this cause!
Buy Kristin's Books

This project is dedicated to Kristin and the fight to eradicate cancer. The Damon family wants to donate $1,000,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for cancer research in Kristin’s name.

Kristin’s books are her legacy. Cancer was her tragedy. Buy Kristin’s books and kill cancer while keeping the legacy of Kristin alive. 40% of all book sales are donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for cancer research, and 10% will be donated  to a special cause.


A message to Huntsman.

"At the beginning of autumn, I ended up at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) where I was introduced to Dr. Shamir Sharma and his team. My life hasn't been the same since.

After reviewing my case, Dr. Sharma signed me up for an aggressive but amazing clinical trial just this last October. Basically, it's Folfox coupled with immunotherapy. Along with over a hundred other stage 4 colon cancer patients, I've signed up to participate and finalize Phase III of this trial. From what I've learned, read, heard about what I'm doing, it's a really REALLY good treatment. Cancer doesn't stand a chance against this chemo. I feel blessed to be a part of it. Blessed, lucky, nervous, excited ... but mostly blessed.

I also feel blessed being a patient of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), and I feel blessed to be a patient of Dr. Sharma. He has great bedside manner. I really like his approach--he's optimistic, almost arrogant, but very genuine and so full of palpable hope. I believe what he says to me. I feel I'm in very good hands with him and his entire staff. Soon, I will talk about his team. Each of them are awesome!" -Kristin Damon, 2015


About the Trait.

“The trait is like nothing I’ve written before. It is a romantic-ish fantasy book geared towards young adults” -Kristin Damon

Plot Summary of The Trait:

Following years of self-inflicted isolation, beautiful Brynn Moore has met the one man that could give her the love and life she has denied herself. But Creed Alexander isn't like anyone she's met before. After falling in love with her, Creed tells Brynn about his genetic abnormality. Creed commits to Brynn that he will find a way to have both her and his anomaly in his life at the same time.


But winning over the love and faith of a tortured, savvy and beautiful young lady like Brynn is going to be more difficult than he thought. Even an extraordinary, smart man like Creed, who is considered the Chameleon of others like him, has enemies. Threatening to destroy the future he desperately longs for, the real risk lies behind the loss of his true and mastered trait, love.


Will Creed find his way through a tangled web of deception, love gained and threatened, and still be able to come out strong in the end? In THE TRAIT, Creed will have to learn that the trait that has plagued him is also the one thing that could save him.


The Damon family is excited to share the legacy Kristin left behind. The Trait, The Promise, The Nation, and The Evolution are the amazing works of a beloved and missed mother, wife, and friend. Our hope is to eradicate cancer and share Kristin’s legacy with the world.
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